A4 Printing Online: Tips and Tricks When You Print A4 Size Papers. A4 Size papers are one among the most commonly used papers in printing, whether it is for your personal or professional use. Moreover, there are many Internet users who are now buying A4 size papers online. For example, students often require a lot of printed lecture notes while they study and thus, they buy an A-size paper to print all their notes so that they can refer back to them when studying at home. A4 is a standard paper size that originated in Europe and is used worldwide today. It has an area of 420mm (16.5 inches) by 297 mm (11.7 inches). This article covers the basics of A4 paper as well as some useful tips and tricks when printing on this common paper size. A4 printing is one of the most popular paper sizes in the world. It is used by many businesses to print documents, flyers and brochures. This size is also a standard for digital office printers. The reason why so many people stick with it, is that A4 prints can be folded into envelopes or cut into pieces and put inside magazines or reports. A4 printing online is the concept of printing papers for office and households, by using the internet. It's a very convenient method that makes you get all these benefits: • Lower Costs: You don't need to make a trip to the print shop to get your work done anymore. Printing online is cheaper because there are no hidden charges or additional costs when you use it. • Convenient Way to Print Papers: This is an easy way to print papers which are usually used A4 is the most popular paper size in the world. It's used in the ASEAN region and Europe, and it's also the standard paper size in Australia and New Zealand. You'll find that there are many benefits of printing on A4 sized papers over other sizes.